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Premium Renewal

Premium individual subscriptions renew automatically on an annual basis. You can check your renewal date from your web vault by navigating to Account SettingsSubscription.

As your renewal date approaches, Bitwarden recommends that you validate the payment method by navigating to Account SettingsSubscription Payment Method. For help updating your payment method, see Update Your Billing Information.


If we cannot process your payment method, or if you have cancelled your subscription, your account will revert to free individual. Until you re-instate your premium subscription, this will result in the following:

Two-step login

You will not be locked out of your vault, however you will not be able to use advanced two-step login options like Yubikey, FIDO2, or Duo for authentication.

  • If you have a core two-step login option enabled (authenticator app or email), you will be prompted to use the enabled option.

  • If you do not have another two-step login option enabled, you will authenticate into your vault without two-step login.

Your secret keys will remain stored in vault items in the Authenticator Key (TOTP) field, however Bitwarden will not generate TOTP codes.

Encrypted file attachments

Files will not be deleted from your vault, however you will not be able to upload or download.

Emergency access

Trusted emergency contacts will still be able to request and obtain access to your vault. As a grantor, however, you will not be able to add new or edit existing trusted emergency contacts.

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