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Our commitment to security, privacy, and compliance with international standards
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Protecting Customer Data

Bitwarden serves customers globally, helping them protect, store and share their sensitive data. Protecting customer data remains paramount to our company mission and Bitwarden complies with industry standards, conducting regular audits shared transparently with users. Through an open source approach, Bitwarden software is viewed and scrutinized by an engaged community around the world.



Bitwarden complies with GDPR and current applicable EU data protection rules. In addition, Bitwarden uses and complies with EU Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs).

See the Bitwarden Privacy Policy

Privacy Shield

Bitwarden complies with the EU-U.S., Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks.

Privacy Shield Framework


Bitwarden is officially HIPAA-compliant after receiving a HIPAA Security Rule Assessment Report from AuditOne in December 2020.

Bitwarden HIPAA Compliance


Bitwarden is compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Third-party Security Audits

Bitwarden conducts comprehensive third-party security audits on an annual basis. These audits are conducted by notable security firms like Cure53 and Insight Risk Consulting and include source code assessments and penetration testing across Bitwarden IPs, servers, and web applications.

Bitwarden Network Security Assessments

Bitwarden Network Security Assessments

Open Source Codebase

Codebase on GitHub

Bitwarden is focused on open source software with the entirety of the codebase available on

Open Source at Bitwarden

Bitwarden is an open source password manager

Open Source Page

Security Information & Resources

Industry Standards

Bitwarden is a member of the FIDO Alliance.

FIDO Alliance

Independent Security Researcher Public Bug Bounty Program

Bitwarden partners with leading security researchers through HackerOne to improve the software.

Bug Bounty Program

Cloud Hosting

The Bitwarden cloud service is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure Compliance Offerings

The Bitwarden Security & Compliance Program

Bitwarden is committed to ongoing investments to help you better understand how Bitwarden products and your data are secured and protected. For more information, read:

The Bitwarden Security Whitepaper

Zero Knowledge Encryption

Bitwarden takes a zero knowledge encryption approach to password management, meaning every piece of information in your Vault Is encrypted. For more information on this approach, please see:

How End-to-End Encryption Paves the Way for Zero Knowledge

Vault Security in Bitwarden

For information on how Bitwarden Vaults are protected, including options for Bitwarden client applications, please see:

Vault Security in the Bitwarden Password Manager

Security FAQs

Visit the Security section of our help site for more information on Bitwarden security, or jump directly to one of the following:

Can the Bitwarden team see my passwords?

Have questions? We're here to help.

Additional Resources

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