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Vault Items

Did you know that Bitwarden can securely store more than just usernames and passwords? There are four types of items you can store in your vault; logins, cards, identities, and secure notes:

Logins are most often used to store username and password combinations, and support TOTP seeds for premium users. Whatever plan you are on, we recommend giving every login a URI for easy auto-fill:

Login Vault Item  |
Login Vault Item

Cards can be used to securely store credit or debit card information:

Card Vault Item  |
Card Vault Item

Identities can be used to store billing, mailing, and most other types of information you might need when filling out online forms:

Identity Vault Item  |
Identity Vault Item

Secure notes can be used to store encrypted freeform text for anything you want protected:

Secure Note Vault Item  |
Secure Note Vault Item


You can import items directly into your vault from most password managers or web browsers.

Filter by vault

You can filter which items to list by whether they're in your individual vault (My Vault) or an organization vault. To filter by vault:


  • Select a vault name from the Filter column (in the following screenshot, My Vault or My Organization).

  • Select one of the colored cards next to an item (in the following screenshot, either Me or My Organization).

Web Vault Filtering |
Web Vault Filtering

Choose a vault from the All Vaults dropdown on the Vault tab:

Browser Extension Filtering |
Browser Extension Filtering

Choose a vault by selecting the Vault menu button () on the My Vault tab:

Mobile Filtering |
Mobile Filtering

Select a vault from the left-most column (in the following screenshot, My Vault or My Organization):

Desktop Filtering |
Desktop Filtering

Use the bw list command with the --organizationid option, which can take either an organization identifier or null, to list items by vault. Learn more.

Manage vault items

You can add, edit, and delete vault items from any Bitwarden app:

Manage an Item  |
Manage an Item
Manage an Item  |
Manage an Item
Add or Open an Item  |
Add or Open an Item
Manage an Item  |
Manage an Item
Manage an Item  |
Manage an Item

For more information, refer to the Bitwarden CLI documentation.

In addition to adding, editing, and deleting vault items, you can clone items to create duplicates, move items to an organization, and protect items on an individual basis.


You can clone any item that you have ownership of if you want to create a duplicate of the item:

Select Clone from the Options menu.

Open the item and select the Clone Item option.

Open the item and tap Clone in the Menu.

Open the item and select the Clone Item option.

To clone an item owned by an organization, you need to clone it from the organization vault view using the web vault.

Move to organization

If you're a member of an organization, you can move vault items to your organization for sharing with other organization members. Learn more about organizations, collections, and sharing.

Protect individual items

For any item, you can activate the Master password re-prompt option from the Add/Edit screen to require verification of your master password to access or auto-fill sensitive vault items:

Master Password Reprompt  |
Master Password Reprompt

Master password re-prompt will behave slightly differently depending on which app you're using, for example:

  • In the web vault, accessing or editing anything about a vault item with this enabled will require you to re-enter your master password.

  • On browser extensions, desktop apps, and mobile apps, only viewing hidden fields (e.g. passwords, hidden custom fields, credit card numbers) will require you to re-enter your master password. Editing anything about the item will also require you to re-enter your master password.


Master password re-prompt is not an encryption mechanism. This feature is an interface-only guardrail that a sophisticated user may find ways to work around. We recommend never leaving your vault unlocked when unattended or on a shared workstation.

Vault trash

Deleted items are sent to the trash, where they remain for 30 days after deletion. Once 30 days have elapsed, the item will be permanently deleted and not recoverable.

In the trash, you can Restore an item to your vault or Permanently Delete it prior to the 30-day waiting period:

The Trash  |
The Trash

Next steps

Now that you understand the basics of working with vault items, we recommend:

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