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Basic Auth Prompts

Login prompts like the one pictured below, called "basic" or "native" authentication prompts, will be automatically auto-filled by Bitwarden browser extensions if there is only one login item with a matching URI. You can also use the browser extension's Launch button to automatically open and log in to a basic auth-protected resource.

Auto-filling on basic auth prompts will, by default, use the Host URI match detection option so that auto-filling is more restrictive. This can be changed by setting the match detection option for the relevant login.

If more than one login with a matching URI is found, the browser extension will not be able to auto-fill your credentials and you will need to manually copy/paste your username and password to log in.

If a single login item is present for a matching URI, the credentials will be autofilled in the background and no authentication prompt will be shown.

Basic Auth Prompt  |
Basic Auth Prompt

The animation below shows the authentication flow in Google Chrome for autofilled basic auth credentials.

Basic Auth Autofill flow  |
Basic Auth Autofill flow

Due to the way basic auth prompts are designed, auto-filling must be non-interactive. This means you cannot auto-fill on a basic auth prompt using the Tab view, context-menu, or keyboard shortcuts.

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