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Millions of users around the world, including many of the world’s largest organizations, trust Bitwarden to protect their online information using a transparent, open source approach to password management.

Securing the Global Community with Open Source Transparency

Open source software sets Bitwarden apart as the solution trusted by businesses and individuals to manage their online information easily and securely.

Robust security standards protect critical data with end-to-end encryption and enable secure information sharing for safer online collaboration and increased productivity.

Securing the Global Community with Open Source Transparency

Who We Are and How to Join the Bitwarden Mission

Bitwarden envisions a world where no one gets hacked, and we recognize this is only possible by working together. The global Bitwarden community shapes our mission to empower individuals, teams, and organizations to safely manage their sensitive information online.

With responsibility, inclusion, and transparency at the core of our company values, we strive for excellence by delivering security solutions that anyone can use and everyone can trust.

Who We Are and How to Join the Bitwarden Mission

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"Bitwarden is a best-of-all worlds password manager."

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“Bitwarden has basically everything you could want out of a password manager”

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“Bitwarden’s security is well above average, and its software flexibility as an open-source program is virtually unparalleled.”

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“When it comes to password management tools, there’s no better than Bitwarden. It’s open source so completely transparent, and runs on all major platforms, including your favourite web browsers.”

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“Bitwarden maintains its excellent security reputation by undergoing regular third-party security audits. It’s also open source, which means the code is available for anyone to look at.”

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“If you’re not using a password manager - and you really should be! - then I suggest you take Bitwarden for a spin. Highly recommended. My new favorite password manager.”

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View Updates & Announcements

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Join the Social Community

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Corporate Headquarters

Corporate Headquarters

Bitwarden, Inc.
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Bitwarden, Inc. is the parent company of 8bit Solutions LLC

Management Team

Management Team

Michael Crandell, CEO |
Kyle Spearrin, Founder & CTO |
Gary Orenstein, Chief Customer Officer |
Stephen Morrison, CFO |
Matt Cillis, Chief Sales Officer |

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