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DuckDuckGo macOS Browser Integration


In order to use the DuckDuckGo macOS app integration with Bitwarden, you'll need to download the DuckDuckGo macOS browser from instead of from the macOS App Store.

Bitwarden and DuckDuckGo have partnered to offer Bitwarden functionality inside the DuckDuckGo macOS browser! The integration allows for seamless auto-filling, creating, and updating of credentials in your Bitwarden vault while using login forms in DuckDuckGo:

Bitwarden in DuckDuckGo |
Bitwarden in DuckDuckGo

The integration requires the Bitwarden desktop app to be installed on your machine and unlocked in order to access vault items from DuckDuckGo.

Set up the integration

To set up the integration between the DuckDuckGo macOS browser and Bitwarden:

  1. Open DuckDuckGo's Settings screen and select Autofill from the menu.

  2. In the Password Manager section, select Bitwarden. A wizard will help you through integration setup, but we'll outline the remaining steps here as well.

  3. Install the Bitwarden desktop app if it isn't already on your machine.

  4. Open the Bitwarden desktop app and log in or unlock your vault.

  5. Select Bitwarden > Preferences from the macOS menu bar.

  6. Scroll to find the App Settings (All Accounts) section.

  7. Check Allow DuckDuckGo browser integration.

  8. In DuckDuckGo select Connect when the browser detects Bitwarden is ready.

  9. In Bitwarden, select Yes to approve DuckDuckGo's request to connect.


Once Bitwarden is connected, you can return to the Settings > Autofill page in DuckDuckGo to see the current status of the integration (for example, whether you need to unlock Bitwarden to auto-fill, create, or update credentials).

Use the integration

To auto-fill credentials from Bitwarden, select login form input boxes. If credentials are detected, they'll be offered for auto-fill:

DuckDuckGo Auto-fill |
DuckDuckGo Auto-fill

If a set of credentials you use is not detected in or different from what's stored in Bitwarden, you'll be prompted to add or update:

DuckDuckGo Add or Update |
DuckDuckGo Add or Update

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