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Bitwarden Secrets Manager is currently available as an open beta program. Learn how to get started using Secrets Manager.

The beta program will offer a wide range of participants the opportunity to participate in-depth surveys, usability interviews, and collaboration with our Product & Design teams in order to improve the Secrets Manager offering.

For the duration of the open beta program, Bitwarden Secrets Manager is free to use for all organizations, with more details to come as GA approaches.

When you sign up through the above form, you will receive communication via the email address you provided when you signed up. Your name and email address will not be shared with any third parties.


You don't need to be a paying customer to signup for the Secrets Manager beta. Just start a free two-person org and follow these instructions to get started!

Submitting feedback

We'd appreciate any feedback you're willing to share wile participating in the beta program. Share feedback through the Bitwarden Community Forums, on GitHub, or by emailing

Getting support

Please submit all support requests via the Bitwarden Support contact form.

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