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The end-to-end zero-knowledge encrypted Bitwarden account you use to log into Password Manager will be the same as what you use to log into Secrets Manager.


This article pertains to logging in to the Secrets Manager web vault. The Secrets Manager CLI, which is primarily used to script secrets injection into your applications and infrastructure, requires logging in with an access token.

Master password

Your master password is the primary method for accessing your Bitwarden account. It's important that your master password is:

  • Memorable: Bitwarden employees and systems have no knowledge of, way to retrieve, or way to reset your master password. Do not forget your master password!

  • Strong: A longer, more complex, and less common master password is the best way to protect your account. Bitwarden provides a free password strength testing tool to test the strength of some memorable pass words you are considering.


Worried about forgetting your master password? Here is what to do:

  • Setup a hint. In case you need a reminder, a master password hint email can be requested on the login screen. Make sure you use a hint that only you will understand.

  • Designate a trusted emergency contact. Users with premium access can grant account access to a friend or family member in the case of emergency.

Learn how to change your master password, or what to do if you've forgotten your master password.

Two-step login

Using two-step login (also called two-factor authentication or 2FA) to protect your Bitwarden account prevents a malicious actor from accessing your data even if they discover your master password by requiring authentication from a secondary device when you log in.

There are lots of different methods for two-step login, ranging from dedicated authenticator apps to hardware security keys. Whatever you choose, Bitwarden highly recommends that you secure your vault using two-step login.

Free methods

Bitwarden offers several two-step login methods for free, including:


Setup instructions

via an authenticator app (for example, Authy or Google Authenticator)

Click here.

via email

Click here.

Premium methods

For premium users (including members of paid organizations), Bitwarden offers several advanced two-step login methods:


Setup instructions

via Duo Security with Duo Push, SMS, phone call, and security keys

Click here.

via YubiKey (any 4/5 series device or YubiKey NEO/NFC)

Click here.

via a FIDO WebAuthn Authenticator

Click here.

Log in with device

Did you know you can log in to the Bitwarden web app using a secondary device instead of your master password? Logging in with a device is a passwordless approach to authentication, removing the need to enter your master password by sending authentication requests to any certain devices you're currently logged in to for approval. Learn more.

Single sign-on

If your organization uses login with SSO, you can access your Bitwarden web app using your federated SSO credentials.

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