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Secrets Manager FAQs

Q: Do I need to be a paying customer to participate in the beta?

A: You don't need to be a paying customer to signup for the Secrets Manager beta. Anyone can participate! Just start a free two-person org and follow these instructions to get started!

Q: How is Secrets Manager priced?

A: For the duration of the open beta program, Bitwarden Secrets Manager is free to use for all organizations. After beta, there will be Free, Teams, and Enterprise plans. Learn more about what pricing will look like after the beta.

Q: Can I self-host Secrets Manager?

A: Self-hosting capability will soon be available for Bitwarden Secrets Manager. Self hosting is not available during beta.

Q: How do I submit feedback?

A: Share feedback through the Bitwarden Community forumGitHub, or email

Q: How do I contact Bitwarden if I have support questions during the beta?

A: You may submit questions via

Q: What happens after the beta period?

A: You will receive updates from Bitwarden throughout the beta program. Post-beta and general availability (GA) updates will be shared later in Q2.

Q: Will I encounter any issues or bugs?

Throughout the beta, user may encounter bugs or issues. If you encounter any such bugs or issues, please check [github] to check for known issues.

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