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Domain Verification

Enterprise customers can verify domain ownership (eg. for their organizations. Domain verification will allow organizations to claim a domain, supporting features such as automatic SSO action, allowing easier and faster login. Domains can be verified with a valid and unique-to-Bitwarden DNS TXT record.

Once a domain's ownership has been verified, users with that domain (eg. will be able to bypass the login with SSO step that would require the SSO identifier to be entered during login.


Domain verification is available for organizations with an Enterprise plan. This does not include Enterprise 2019. Contact Bitwarden support if you have any plan questions, or would like to upgrade your plan.

Verify a domain

In order to verify domain ownership, Bitwarden must verify that:

  • No other organization has claimed or verified the domain.

  • Your organization has ownership of the domain.

In order to verify ownership of the domain, Bitwarden will use a DNS TXT record. To verify a domain:

  1. Access the web vault and go to the Organizations tab.

  2. From your Organization, select the Settings tab, and then select Domain verification from the left hand menu:

    Domain verification |
    Domain verification

  3. On the Domain verification screen you will see a list of active domains, along with status checks and options. If you have no active domains, select New domain.

  4. In the pop-up window, enter a Domain name.


    Be sure that the format of the text entry does not include https:// or www..

  5. Copy the DNS TXT record and add it to your domain.

  6. Select Verify domain.

Managing domains

You can manage and view the status of your domains from the Domain verification page.

Verified domain |
Verified domain

Select the domain name, or the menu located on the right side of the domain item if you wish to edit, or delete a domain.

The menu provides additional options to Copy DNS TXT records, and to manually verify domain if automatic verification was not successful during the new domain setup.

Domains will have a status of UNVERIFIED or VERIFIED.


Bitwarden will attempt to verify the domain 3 times during the first 72 hours. If the domain has not been verified within 7 days after the 3rd attempt, the domain will be removed from your organization.

Domain setup activities will be logged in the organization event logs. To view events:

  1. Open your organization.

  2. Select the Reporting tab and then Event logs on the left menu.


Now that your domain has been claimed by your organization, you can login without an SSO identifier:

  1. Open the login page on your preferred Bitwarden client.

  2. Enter your email containing the domain that was claimed (eg. and select Continue.

  3. Select Enterprise single sign-on.

  4. You will be redirected to your identity provider page, from here, use your SSO credentials to complete the login process.

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