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Link to an Item

When you need to direct members of your organization to a specific vault item, for example in documentation, you can copy the URL of an item to be used as a direct link for users that have access to the item.


Item linking is not exclusive to organizations! You can save links to items in your individual vault if you find it useful, but only you will be able to access them.

When you are viewing an item in the web vault, the URL in your address bar will include a query parameter like ?cipherId=fced56b3-d83c-4b01-8751-ae9301551da7, where the cipherId value represents the unique item identifier:

Item Link |
Item Link

Copy the full value in the address bar and use that link to direct organization members directly to this item. When a user uses the link, the item will be automatically opened once they login. Users must already have access to the item in order to successfully use a link.

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