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Provider Portal

Q: Is there a startup or monthly fee for using the Provider Portal?

A: There is no fee for MSPs or their users to use the Provider Portal. It is provided, free of charge, as part of the Bitwarden partner program. If you would like to set up an organization for use by your internal team, those seats will be billed at the discounted rate.

Q: I'm already providing Bitwarden as a service for my clients, what do I need to do to move to the Provider Portal?

A: It's quick and easy! Contact us and a member of the Bitwarden team will issue you an invitation. Once in the Provider Portal, you can add existing client organizations to begin centralizing client management.

Q: What happens if I am locked out of my Provider admin account?

A: Access to the Provider Portal is through your Bitwarden account. If you forget your master password, Bitwarden has no knowledge of, way to retrieve, or way to reset your master password and you will be unable to access the Provider Portal. Bitwarden strongly recommends that you provision a second user with a Provider admin role for failover purposes.


Q: What deployment options are available?

A: Access to the Bitwarden Provider Portal is available through the Bitwarden cloud service. The Provider Portal is not supported for self-hosted environments at this time.

Client management

A: Yes! We have outlined one recommended workflow here.

Q: How does an MSP access client organizations?

A: MSPs can access all client organizations under management from the Provider Portal. Learn more here.

Q: Can an MSP administrator see or manage credentials for all clients?

A: Provider admins and service users have the same privileges as owners in the client organization. They can managed vault items, collections, users, groups, and other functions within the organization. Provider admins and service users cannot access or view a user's privately-owned vault items.

Q: Can we set default enterprise policies that apply to all clients?

A: Each client organization operates independently with individually configured policies. Learn more about configuring enterprise policies.

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