Self-hosting SCIM

In order to use SCIM to automatically provision and de-provision members and groups in your self-hosted Bitwarden organization, you will need to enable a flag in your config.yml file. To enable SCIM for your Bitwarden server:

  1. Save a backup of, at a minimum, .bwdata/mssql. Once SCIM is in use, it's recommended that you have access to a backup image in case of an issue.


    If you are using an external MSSQL database, take a backup of your database in whatever way fits your implementation.

  2. Update your self-hosted Bitwarden installation in order to retrieve the latest changes:

    ./ update
    Text Copied!
  3. Edit the .bwdata/config.yml file and enable SCIM by toggling enable_scim to true.

    nano bwdata/config.yml
    Text Copied!
  4. Rebuild your self-hosted Bitwarden installation:

    ./ rebuild
    Text Copied!
  5. Update your self-hosted Bitwarden installation again in order to apply the changes:

    ./ update
    Text Copied!

Now that your server has SCIM enabled, use one of our SCIM integration guides to integrate your Bitwarden organization with:

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