Self-hosting Families Sponsorships

Members of enterprise organizations are offered a free Families organization sponsorship that can be applied to a new or pre-existing Families organization and redeemed directly from the web vault.


If you're looking for information on updating a license for a non-sponsored self-hosted Families organization, see here.

You will need to enable automatic billing sync to allow your self-hosted enterprise organization to issue sponsorships for cloud Families organizations. To set up automatic sync:

Step 1: Enable cloud communication

First, you'll need to configure your server to allow communication with our cloud systems.


This step must be completed by someone with access to your self-hosted instance's configuration files.

In order to enable cloud communication, set the following line in bwdata/env/global.override.env to true:

Text Copied!

Once you have set this value, apply your change by running the ./ rebuild command. Start your server again with the ./ start command.


Enabling automatic sync requires communication with Bitwarden's cloud systems. If your environment uses a firewall to block outbound traffic, you will need to allow and

Step 2: Retrieve billing sync token

Once cloud communication is enabled at the server-level, a sync token needs to be passed from the cloud organization you use for billing to your self-hosted organization. To retrieve your sync token from the cloud web vault you must be an organization owner. To retrieve the token:

  1. Open the cloud organization's Billing tab and select Subscription from the left menu.

  2. Scroll down to the self-hosting section and select the Set up billing sync button.

  3. Enter your master password and select Generate token.

  4. Copy the generated token.

Step 3: Apply billing sync token

To apply the billing sync token to your self-hosted organization:


At this stage, if you're upgrading your self-hosted deployment from an earlier version, you may need to manually update your license file before proceeding.

  1. Open the self-hosted organization's Billing tab and select Subscription from the left menu.

  2. In the License and billing management section, choose the Automatic sync option.

  3. Select the Manage billing sync button.

  4. Paste your generated Billing Sync Token and select Save.


Sync for Families for Enterprise will occur once daily once you've triggered your first sync. The Last sync field in this section will report Never until you trigger your first sync.

Sync for license updates must always be done manually by selecting the Sync license button (see the next section for details).

Step 4: Trigger sync

Trigger a sync once you've completed setup. Billing sync will occur once daily, however you can manually trigger a sync at any time. To trigger a sync:

  1. Open the self-hosted organization's Billing tab and select Subscription from the left menu.

  2. Select the Sync license button.


If you receive a version not supported error message, update your server and try uploading your license file again. To update your server, make a backup of the bwdata directory and follow these instructions.

In between syncs, users may see the status Awaiting Sync after redeeming or changing a sponsorship. This indicates your self-hosted Bitwarden server is waiting to sync with the Bitwarden cloud before a sponsorship can be fully redeemed or changed.

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