Get Started with Bitwarden: Team Member

So you've been invited to join Bitwarden? Whether you're a password management expert or brand new, here are steps you can take to be successful with Bitwarden in the workplace:

Join your Team

Check your inbox for an invitation to your new Organization! If you already have an existing account, great! All you need to do is accept the invitation. If you don’t, you will be prompted to create an account after you accept the invitation. As always, make sure you use a strong master password. Not sure if the master password is strong enough? Use our password strength testing tool.

Add Your Logins

Do you have passwords saved in a browser, like Chrome? Or are you coming to Bitwarden from another password manager? You can import logins directly to Bitwarden to avoid a painful day of copy-and-pasting.

Or, if you store passwords on paper or in your brain, let's get you started adding items to your vault.

Share a Login

With Bitwarden, groups of users like you are given access to collections of logins so that you can share them securely. Not everyone on your team will have access to the same credentials, so let's practice sharing a login with the right people.

Get a Free Families Plan

Some Organizations offer a complimentary Bitwarden Families plan, which you can use to bring secure password sharing home to your loved ones. Ask your Bitwarden administrator if you're eligible to start your free Families plan today.

Use a personal Bitwarden account instead of your work account to set up the free plan, and learn how to switch between accounts on-the-fly.

Use Bitwarden While Browsing

Bitwarden browser extensions make it easy to quickly log in to your accounts with saved passwords with the magic of auto-fill. Download the browser extension and learn how to auto-fill passwords while browsing the web.

Take Bitwarden On-the-Go

Security anywhere is security everywhere! Get the Bitwarden mobile app so you can safely use your passwords while you're on-the-go. Download the mobile app and learn how to auto-fill passwords on iOS or Android.

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