Get Started with Bitwarden: Reseller or MSP

At Bitwarden, we love our partners! Look no further if you're an Managed Service Provider (MSP) or reseller who wants to get started managing Bitwarden Organizations for your customers:

Become a Partner

Becoming a member of the Bitwarden Partner Program is quick and easy. Our partnership program has been designed to maximize your success across a wide range of shared priorities, strategic requirements, and customer benefits. Get started today.

Invite Your Provider Team

Every all-star Provider needs an all-star team. Start inviting your employees Provider users to round out your client management team. Services Users can fully manage any Client Organizations, while Provider Admins can additionally manage your Provider setup. For protective redundancy, we recommend including at least one other Provider Admin on your team.

Onboard Clients

As a Provider member, you'll have the keys to fully manage all aspects of a Client Organization on behalf of your customers. You can create new Client Organizations, or onboard existing Organizations to your Provider.

Set Up a Client Organization

The fun doesn't stop when a Client Organization is onboarded. Bitwarden Organizations are powerfully flexible, with lots of options suited to meeting your customers' diverse needs. Let's take a look at the first steps toward configuring a successful Client Organization.

Dig Into Client Administration

Client Organizations allow your customers to securely share passwords, credit cards, and more, and give you the tools to manage these things on their behalf. There's a lot you can do, but here are some key day-to-day tasks you'll tackle as a Provider.

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