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Bitwarden to launch passkey management

authored by:Vivian Shic
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Summer is fast approaching, ushering in a season of barbecues, beach outings, and out of office replies. This year, Bitwarden is giving users more pooltime, less password-time.

How? Everyone wants easy-to-use passwordless authentication and secure access. Welcome, passkeys – FIDO credentials stored directly on your phone or computer. 

Store passkeys in Bitwarden

This summer, Bitwarden users wanting to rely less on traditional usernames and passwords will be able to save, store, and manage registered passkeys associated with the websites and applications they use right within their vaults. The demo below shows how this will work.

Sign in and unlock Bitwarden with passkeys

Users will also be able to use passkeys to access and unlock their Bitwarden vault, foregoing master passwords completely. This feature leverages the WebAuthn PRF extension, an emerging standard for passkeys that generates secret keys for encrypting vault data.

It's important to note that the Bitwarden approach to passkeys maintains zero knowledge, end-to-end encryption. And, users can still choose to use their master password and 2FA even if they have passkeys enabled.

Watch the following demo to see how to set up passkey login.

Imagine a world where no one gets hacked. It’s a hard reality to achieve today without a password manager that ensures all your online credentials are secure and unique. This summer, work on your tan and online security by signing up for a personal or business account with Bitwarden. 

If you’d like to get started, sign up for a free account today, or share with your colleagues by starting a free business trial.

For more details, see the Bitwarden passwordless and passkeys page.

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